Cast Glass Images is a designer and manufacturer of architectural glass, decorative glass and specialty glass products. Cast Glass provides custom glass products and services in the San Diego area. They also service globally to glass companies, glass suppliers, glass distributors or design professionals. Some of the architectural glass and decorative glass products they provide include; Kitchen Counters, Cabinets, Countertops, Bars, Baths, Doors, Flooring, Gates, Stairs, Tables and Windows. Custom glass should be considered if you are beginning a home improvement, home decorating or home remodeling project or whether you are building a custom home or designing a home. Slumped glass is the new stained glass in the architectural glass and decorative glass world. Home decor or design enthusiasts should incorporate glass into their client projects to provide an added sophistication and modern-edge. The demand for stained glass or etched glass has significantly declined over the last few years since slumped glass technology was introduced.

Custom designed kitchen counter or kitchen counter tops, bathroom glass or shower glass, glass shower doors; these are only a few of the many specialty glass and architectural glass products Cast Glass Images provides. Glass backsplashes, glass cabinets, glass tables, glass windows, glass doors, glass shower doors, can be colorful, abstract or just simple and textured to provide privacy. Home improvement never looked this good! Glass should absolutely be included in any home remodeling project to give the home or business a unique look and feel. Interior designers, interior decorators, general contractors, home builders, and architects can use custom art glass for any commercial or residential projects as a simple, modern home improvement.

Please see below for important information to assist you in providing layout and dimension details.
All dimensions should be provided in "Width x Height" format. We recommend sizes to be taken by a professional. Our company policy requires that you provide us with dimensions and changes to any detail in writing. Prior to proceeding with any order, we will provide you with a detailed layout of your project for your approval.


  • Standard Maximum Panel Size: 59" x 107"
    • Larger panel sizes are available upon request. Limitations do apply.
  • Fabrication: (+/- ) 1/8"
  • Small Holes and Cutouts (3/8" - 3" Diameter): (+/-) 1/16"
  • Large Holes and Cutouts: (+/-) 1/16"
  • Reveals (Flat area with almost no texture): (+/-) 1/8"
    • Due to the fabrication process, reveals around holes may be off-center (non-parallel) up to 1/8" and are therefore accepted.

Almost all textures raise above the natural flat surface of the glass. In order to accommodate channels and hardware, we leave a Reveal (flat area with almost no texture). This allows you to fit a glass panel into a channel or mount hardware such as hinges, handles, glass clips, etc.

Almost all of our products can be bent or bent tempered. If you require bent tempered glass, only a true radius can be fabricated. Limitations as to radius, width, height, shape and texture do apply. Contact us to discuss your project.

We have provided detailed PDF guidelines for taking dimensions for specific projects. Click OPEN to view the instructions in your browser, or DOWNLOAD to save or print from Adobe Reader and other PDF viewers. (Internet Explorer users: "right-click" either link and select "Save target as..." to download the file.)

  • Single Doors and Windows Detail Dimension Guideline OPEN DOWNLOAD
  • Double Doors and Windows Detail Dimension Guideline OPEN DOWNLOAD
  • Shower Doors Dimension Guideline OPEN DOWNLOAD
  • Shower Enclosures Dimension Guideline OPEN DOWNLOAD
  • Shower Enclosures with Shaped Glass Edge Guideline OPEN DOWNLOAD
  • Countertops, Vanity & Bartops Dimension Guideline OPEN DOWNLOAD
  • Recessed Glass Panel (Reveal) Detail Dimension Guideline OPEN DOWNLOAD